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Rewild is Livia Rita’s debut album set for release in 2018.

Livia has developed her own eclectic musical style drawing on a wide range of influences and genres spanning electronic, pop, experimental, classical and new wave styles. She subverts the listeners with each song, as wild, brutal textures meet vulnerable, otherworldly melodies in adventurous and emotional ways.
‘I am on the search for new notions of beauty.’ But even with her surface eccentricity, Livia brings higher concepts to her new-fantasia electronica. Her stark lyrics are honest and at times inscrutable, as they manage to create an electrifying ambiance with purpose.

Livia explores more avant-garde ways of performing her synthesiser drenched  music through a strong visual identity; formed of bespoke costumes, theatrical staging and stylised movement created and designed by herself. Together, it collides into a 4D explosion of art; a surreal live music video that straddles fantasy and reality, capable of intoxicating audiences with the exploration of love, freedom, dreams and progressive thinking. The audience is lured into Livia’s mind, and is taken on a journey to gain ownership over the future. Livia Rita is unashamed to go to extremes by jumping into the wounds of life in the hope of discovering new meanings and aliveness.

This work is developed at the Barbican, and Rich Mix and is mentored by Lindsay Kemp (mentor of David Bowie) and Lea Anderson.

Livia Rita writes the lyrics and composes the songs which are then handed over to Tom McLuckie who completes them with additional layers, compositions and sounds, producing the forthcoming album.


Photos by Orlando Myxx


‘This performance is like Bjork on 3 tabs of LSD!’

‘In Livia Rita’s voice one hears the slightly manic, genius reverberations of Kate Bush. One had to mention another art icon, who is located much closer, geographically, to Livia’s home in the mountains; Rewild looks as if Pipilotti Rist had created a musical work.’

‘Livia’s captivating singing puts you under a spell, which in turn inspires and absorbs.’

 ‘In Rewild Livia Rita mixes style, fashion and genres to an avantgarde trip with dance, music, acting, art. God stands on stage in a rose female dress and reminds of early David Bowie with his pale coolness. Livia’s singing at times is at times aspirated with a crystal clear, asserted voice, which unites tenderness and vulnerability with a mysterious aloofness.’

‘Spiritual wellness!’

‘A singing multi talent and fashion creator.’

photos by Day Kurebayashi

Photos by Camilla Greenwell

The experience for the audience seems to be a NATURAL DRUG TRIP, we had feedback like:

Manic pixie dream girls on steroids – LOVE IT!

Like Bjork on 3 tabs of LSD. Strangely and amazingly compelling.

Should include “take drugs beforehand” warning!

Ketamine on the 133 bus to Brixton. Fantastic!

Creative development team

Writing, Design and Composition – Livia Rita
Musical Director & Producer & additional composition – Tom McLuckie
Rehearsal Director – Jonathan Grieve
Dramaturg – Tim Cowbury
Movement Director – Ale Marzotto


Photos by Meurig Marshall