Crystal Me was Livia Rita’s Debut performance performed at Hackney Showroom merging theatre, poetry, live art and music in an adventurous way. Crystal Me is written & designed by Livia Rita and co-directed by Lucy Wray.

An artist, uninspired by today’s time, claims himself the creator of a new world; a human experiment. You wonderful people, come and be witness! Fantasy and reality will dance the tango, beliefs shall grow or die and art may become more real than ever before.

“This was one of my all-time favorite CT Debut show ever. Few could match it’s originality. So glad it’s in the pipeline again.”

Uri Roodner, Course Leader of the Contemporary Theatre Course at East 15

Backstage with god in heaven

Crystal Me is a piece about the moment of true inspiration; in the conflict between reality and dreams.

Written by Livia Rita, directed by Dimitris Chimonas, Costumes by Livia Rita, filmed by Scott Lyons & Zoe Forrester, Photos taken by Eloise Green, Music by Kassiani Kappelos, produced by the Ugly Collective:

Crystal Me at the Yard Theatre

Revolution in the Jungle – by Livia Rita

A Dream-Punk gig about two lovers screaming Revolution! Behold – wild, absurd and extravagant animals will rock the stage and seduce you into the shameless imagination of dreamers.

This is the popiest Song –  ‘Natural Drug’!


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